Who We Are:
Commodity Secure business model is primarily focused on brokerage, trading and sourcing consultancy of various commodities from African to international supply chains.

Our gold trading business and unique value proposition is having direct access to licensed High/Mid-Level suppliers from multiple countries whilst bridging direct access to international buyers. Our complete sales cycle package (End to End) solution.

Business Overview:
By building a reputable commodities and gold trading model we are committed to ensuring buyer confidence in procurement transparency, we provide you with detailed information regarding our procedures. We believe that our rigorous processes will strengthen trust in our operations and facilitate a successful procurement investment and returns.

Market Analysis:
We conduct on-going analysis of specific commodities and gold trading market, including current trends, market size, key players, and potential growth opportunities. It allows us to identify our target market segment within the international client demand arena.

Supplier Network:
Our strategy for sourcing gold from African suppliers. We discuss the criteria prior to selecting our producers, establishing partnerships, and ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality gold Dore bars.
22Carat-91% Purity | Average 23Carat-97% Purity | 24Carat 99.6%

Structured | Transparent | Secure

Structured | Transparent | Secure


Commodity secure maintain a network of trusted Gold suppliers who have undergone a stringent verification process. Our team conducts background checks, verifies their legal documentation and assesses their performance track record of compliance with ethical and environmental standards.


Upon receiving an inquiry, our team thoroughly reviews the buyer’s requirements and conducts a comprehensive assessment. We take into account factors such as the requested quantity, FOB/CIF, and any specific quality standards or certifications.

Copper Cathode

We partner with trusted copper cathode producers and logistics providers whom specialize in valuable goods. All necessary precautions are taken to safeguard the seller and buyer. Copper cathode consignment during transit, include insurance coverage and tracking mechanisms

International market opportunities