Copper Cathode

Commodity secure seeks, collaborate and partner with reliable and consistent supply chains for our clients (Copper Cathode) demand. Whilst building mutual strategies with suppliers’ production abilities and capacity for future alignment.

Country of Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo & Zambia

Buyer’s Consideration:
Buyer capacity order of minimum 500MT trial – 2000MT/10,000MT/Per Month
Annual Contract – Discounted LME
Buyers can send LOI – CIS and Proof of Funds
LOI will include – Requirements | Criteria | Buyers Preferences
CIF Delivery of goods to Bonded warehouse accounts or Ports – Steinweg | Impala | Bollore
Buyers Inspectors: SGS – Alex Stewart
CIF to bonded accounts – DRC | Zambia | Tanzania

Transparent Documentation:
Throughout the procurement process, we maintain complete transparency in documentation. We provide our buyers with all relevant paperwork, including inspection reports, assay test results, and any other supporting documents, to offer a comprehensive overview of the copper cathode quality and authenticity.

We prioritize buyer confidence aiming to build long-term relationships based on trust, security and transparency. By following internal inspection procedures, we strive to ensure that our buyers receive high-quality services that meets their specifications and adheres to industry standards.

Structured | Transparent | Secure

Structured | Transparent | Secure


Commodity secure maintain a network of trusted Gold suppliers who have undergone a stringent verification process. Our team conducts background checks, verifies their legal documentation and assesses their performance track record of compliance with ethical and environmental standards.


Upon receiving an inquiry, our team thoroughly reviews the buyer’s requirements and conducts a comprehensive assessment. We take into account factors such as the requested quantity, FOB/CIF, and any specific quality standards or certifications.

Copper Cathode

We partner with trusted copper cathode producers and logistics providers whom specialize in valuable goods. All necessary precautions are taken to safeguard the seller and buyer. Copper cathode consignment during transit, include insurance coverage and tracking mechanisms

International market opportunities